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Which Dust Suppression System Should I Use?

Dec. 13, 2021

Controlling the amount of dust and airborne particles in a given environment is important, if not essential, for most businesses across a wide range of industries today. While the set of features required will vary from industry to industry, there are several types of dust suppression systems on the market today, making it easy for everyone to find the right system for their needs. But with all the options available, how do you determine which one best suits your needs?


Which dust suppression system should I use?

Dry dust suppression systems: A typical dry dust suppression system uses a forced air or suction unit to draw dust from the air and draw it into a filtration system. The system can consist of fabric bags or special filters designed to capture a wide range of particles in the air.

Micro Fog Dust Suppression Equipment

 Micro Fog Dust Suppression Equipment     

Wet Dust Suppression Systems: The term "wet systems" is actually a misnomer. High quality mist systems work by using a pump to supply very high pressure to a special nozzle to produce very small droplets of water. These tiny droplets absorb dust particles from the air and help to confine the dust without wetting the environment. This is much more effective than simply passing the air through a filter system and returning it to the environment.


Extensive scientific research has shown that for effective dust suppression, successful agglomeration between dust particles and materials must occur. Compared to alternative technologies, Dry Fog's ultra-fine atomisation can agglomerate to the widest range of particle sizes - from ultra-fine coal dust to heavier fly ash and coal dust.


Dry Fog benefits

Reduction efficiency of nearly 99% for respirable PM10 and PM2.5 dust particles

Less than 0.5% moisture (by volume) added to the product.

Return of usable material to the product stream.

Low maintenance with ultrasonic nozzle design, less prone to clogging than standard nozzles.

DSI modular design capability for future system expansion.

Low installation costs and no need for expensive plant modifications.

Micro Fog Machine

 Micro Fog Machine     

Why choose a fog and dust suppression system?

As you can see, mist and dust suppression systems are more effective than standard dry air filtration units. There are no filters to worry about and you will also enjoy the following benefits.


Less wear and tear on your machine from dust and debris

Safer working environment

Lower risk of fire

Reduced risk of explosion

"Breathable" air

Easier to meet EPA standards


There are additional benefits to installing one of Blue Ocean's quality dust suppression systems. Not only do these systems absorb dust from the air, they also remove a large number of other pollutants, including odours. As a result, you and your employees will enjoy a cleaner, fresher working environment.


With Blue Ocean's wide range of fog cannon dust suppression system, you will be able to find the right product for your needs. View our products online today. Blue Ocean provides a full range of Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System solutions, from large atomizers for mines, building demolition and odor control to high pressure, low pressure and air for mechanically fixed dust suppression and various bulk treatment processes Auxiliary atomization system.


If you want to get more information about the Fog Cannon Dust Suppression System solutions , welcome to contact us today or request a quote.  

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