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Ski resort indoor snow making machine

Dec. 16, 2021

  The snow drifting machine is to create the effect of real drifting snow under natural conditions, and to create high quality and abundant natural snow. The snow blower forms natural snow through compressor refrigeration. Powered by the natural principle of air flow, the uniform snow flakes can float to an altitude of 10-18m. Coupled with the lighting of various colors, the snow of the color desired by consumers has evolved. Snow flies all over the sky instantly filling the entire space, the scene is magnificent, very romantic. Equipped with remote line control switch, it is more convenient to operate, suitable for large-scale performances, evening parties, amusement, viewing, etc.


  Where to use the snow machine

The blue ocean brand snow machine is suitable for ice and snow art museums, ice sculpture halls, ice lantern art festivals, snowy hot springs, snow-themed bars, coffee shops, high-end restaurants, hotels, hotel lobbies, SPA bathing centers, snow saunas, snowy cabins, outdoor shops, and Christmas activities , Various industrial test uses and popular science education, etc.


  The effect of snowflakes

It makes people feel the authenticity of snow. The principle and method of falling snow are different from the outdoor artificial snow-making machines used in ski resorts. Snow falling from the top of the room makes people feel the authenticity of snowing from the sky.

snow making machine (6).pngsnow making machine (6).png

Attract customers and increase economic benefits. Because snow can be seen at any time throughout the year, it makes people feel magical and strange, and will attract many customers.


   Good for health

   Promote digestive function: When the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the blood circulation in the abdominal cavity is strengthened, and the intestinal peristalsis is fast, which can effectively improve the digestion and absorption capacity. All people who have been performing cold stimulation exercises for a long time have a strong appetite and rarely suffer from indigestion.


   Good for the skin: When the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the capillaries and subcutaneous blood vessels of the skin are immediately contracted, which enhances the metabolism of skin cells and promotes the secretion of cortical glands


   Make people fit and fit: When the skin is exposed to cold stimulation, the body produces more heat to resist the cold, so it consumes the heat in the body so that it is not stored as fat, so that people are fully fit and perform cold stimulation exercises for a long time. , It can increase the immune globulin A, which can prevent and treat various diseases, and it is comfortable and refreshing, invigorating, and can exercise the will and enhance confidence.

snow making machine (6).pngsnow making machine (6).png

Features of snow drift machine

1. All year round, all weather is not affected by the season, snow

2. Light snow, medium snow and heavy snow can be adjusted at will, and the switch can be controlled remotely

3. There are many varieties, the amount of drifting snow can be selected according to demand, and the area of drifting snow (within 50 square meters) can be adjusted according to demand

4. Low operating noise, strong and durable

5. Split design, small size, ceiling installation

6. Can be customized according to user needs

snow making machine (6).png

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